A Dark God Arises

Into the City

Gwyn, Dreyhan, Bast, and Rothelar left the palace and made their way deeper into the city, each with a different destination in mind. As they passed under the portcullis, they parted eachother’s company. Rothelar heading to the Temple to seek council from his god, Dreyhan to meet his former mentor, and Gwyn and Bast heading into the seedier parts of town to look up some old contacts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Rothelar walks past pillars of white granite, which had been transported leagues from the homelands of the Order of Light. He remembers that this granite is special in that it never gets dirty. He moves past the clerics and pages into the inner sanctum, where he finds two ancient Elven Standing Stones. Between these stones lies a shimmering portal. Rothelar boldly walks up to the portal and through it, immediately being transported to the Dawn Realm, where his experiences the harsh winter of the First World. He finds his goddess, who upon hearing of the events leading up to the visit bestows upon him a prophecy:

A great many things contrive to shake
Plans long dormant now awake
Darkness brooding stirs to life
Sending forth its hand of strife
The spear of light shall bar its way
First seek out the man of grey.

Grateful for what she has bestowed upon him, he makes his way back to the palace.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dreyhan enters the cavernous halls of the Order of Light and quickly finds Brother Caaval. He is currently giving instruction to several monks in their final stages of training. The Flarian looks away from those trying to kill each other and gives a small smile to the Wolfan, “Dreyhan! What brings you here?” Dreyhan explains about assisting in the princess’ trial and the band of undead they encountered on their way back. He ends his tale by asking if Caaval knew anything about the obelisk they had found. The nephilim cracked his staff against the Wolfan’s head, thundering, “Didn’t I teach you anything? You should have scoured the area for information before leaving it!”

Wincing from the blow, the monk replied, “I gathered what I could and am now seeking the council of those whose knowledge surpasses my own.” Satisfied, Brother Caaval ponders for a moment then lashes out with his staff again, this time catching one of the trainees in the stomach. The blow staggers the man and he falls to his knees, vomiting on the feet of his peers. “You must stay aware of your surroundings!” He looks back at Dreyhan and answers, “I will have to give this some thought. Give me until the coronation to see what I can find.” The two bow to eachother, and Dreyhan returns to the palace.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Gwyn and Bast make their way through the streets and alleys familiar only to those of the Thieves Guild. Their destination was the *, a famous pub tucked between two large warehouses. It was famous for being the location of the Guild’s headquarters, despite having never been proven as such. One thing was certain was that it was not famous for its ale. The barkeeper, ****, was a beast of a man despite having only one arm. The tale of how he lost the other varied on every retelling. This week’s version was that it got caught in a net while fishing for crabs and the netting got twisted up and sliced right through the bone. He nodded at the two rogues as they entered. Bast scanned the room and picked a target to test her mettle with pickpocketing. She stealthily snuck up behind him and a few seconds later returned to Gwyn with a small purse. As she examined the contents, Gwyn realized that the time was ripe for them to descend past the storefront into the Guild’s Hall below. She motioned to Bast and they ducked behind the counter, twisting the spigot on a certain cask as they moved past. The floor opened in front of them and they descended quickly, the floor rising behind them back to its normal position.

They moved past other thieves and assassins until they found Xxan’aaakck’kckckckc, a massive Varthan who ran the operations of the Guild. Through a series of clicks, he asked where they had been. Both were fluent in Var which had proven useful on a number of occasions. They explained the quest they had just returned from and asked if Xhan had heard of anything about the undead roaming the countryside. He affirmed the rumor and mentioned that there were rumors of ‘something’ lurking in the sewers. He commissioned the two of them to explore the sewers and if they found any evidence that the rumors were true, he would give them a month’s dues as payment. They agreed and left the Hall, making their way back to the palace.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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